Twin flat spray nozzle XDT
Twin flat spray nozzle XDT, technical drawing
Twin flat spray nozzle XDT, toolless removable dosing orifice with basket
Twin flat spray nozzle XDT, functional drawing

Twin flat spray nozzle XDT

Extremely drift-reducing twin flat spray nozzle with symmetrical 40° forward and rear angling.

Representative Technical data (pdf, 665 KB)


EIMA Mention 2022
EIMA Mention 2022


Nozzle sizes
Nozzle sizes02 – 08
Spray angle
Spray angle130°
Pressure range
Pressure range1.5 – 8 bar
Recommended filters
Recommended filters60 M 02 – 04
25 M 05 – 08
Droplet sizes
Droplet sizesUltra coarse – extremely coarse

Application areas

Plant protection products
Golf course


  • PWM suitable

  • Increased acreage performance due to wide pressure range

  • Extreme drift reduction in the whole pressure range

  • On-time application even under unfavorable weather conditions

  • Optimum deposition due to reduced spray shadowing by double flat fan

  • Nozzle in cap with bayonet system MULTIJET (incl. gasket)

Application areas

Crop Production

Efficient nozzle technology for field crops, wine and orchard cultivation and horticulture.

Ground care

Efficient ground care on golf courses and sports grounds, traffic areas, airports or riding arena floors.

Support Agriculture

Nozzle recommendations for different cultures such as corn, cereals, potatoes, rape seed, sugar beets, strawberries, soy beans and cotton.

Application example

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