Droplet Separator LTV 271
Baffles Droplet Separator LTV 271

Droplet Separator LTV 271

Droplet separator with standard profile widths

The LTV 271 is a vertical-flow droplet separator system that has proven itself over many decades. It is available in standard widths of 305 mm, 610 mm and 905 mm. The grooves in the profile geometry guarantee good run-off behavior of the separated liquid with low pressure losses.

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Properties and materials

  • Standardized profile widths
  • Good separation performance
  • Low pressure loss
  • 23 mm baffle vane spacing
  • PP
  • PVDF
  • PE
Diagrams of pressure loss and limit droplet LTV 271The technical values apply to the system water/air under standard conditions and with a baffle vane spacing of 23 mm.