1SR, functional drawing

1SR nozzle lances

Twin-fluid nozzles for semi-dry flue gas desulphurization.

The nozzle series Lechler 1SR designed especially for the atomization of lime milk and suspension is optimally matched to the requirements of the semi-dry flue gas cleaning process and the Lechler LOC systems.

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Small spray angle
Small spray angle15°
High turn-down ratio
High turn-down ratioof 10:1
Adjustment of the droplet spectrum
Adjustment of the droplet spectrumby changing the air / fluid ratio
Very fine droplet spectrum
Very fine droplet spectrumby secondary atomization of the edge droplets by the ring gap air
Clog-resistantthanks to large free cross-sections without internal fittings
Typical pressure range
Typical pressure rangeLiquid 1 – 6 bar, g; Atomizing air 1 – 6 bar, g

The basic principle of this nozzle is equivalent to the Laval nozzle. This twin-fluid nozzle atomizes fluids as fine full cone. In doing so, a two-phase mixture is generated on the inside of the nozzle from atomizing air and fluid (e.g. lime milk). The other formation of the nozzle has the effect that this mixture is accelerated which leads to an extremely fine atomization of the droplets. Due to the ring gap air, the coarse droplets on the edge area of the spray jet is atomized to fine droplets by a secondary atomization.

By changing the air / liquid ratio, the droplet size or the droplet spectrum can be adjusted in a larger area.

The large free cross-section of the nozzle also permits the atomization of viscous fluids or fluids loaded with solid matters. The correct material selection reduces wear, also with abrasive media and permits use at higher temperatures.


  • Lime milk injection in spray absorber

  • Injection of process water into the spray dryer

Areas of application

Desulphurization (DeSOx)

Professional separation of environmentally harmful sulphur oxides.

Function of the 1SR nozzle lances

The compact and handy design of the nozzle lances permits an easy mounting. The nozzles themselves are designed maintenance friendly and can be quickly cleaned and replaced without must effort.

The nozzle lances are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel and can be produced from chemical and high-temperature resistant materials according to the respective process-specific requirements.

The nozzle lances permit an optimum positioning from the alignment of the spray in the flue gas channel. In doing so, the nozzle lances are adopted individually to the respective requirements when considering the local and process-related circumstances.

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