Rücklauf-Düsen RS 6 und RS 12
Spillback nozzle RS6
Spillback nozzle RS12

Spillback nozzle lances

Compressed air-free atomization

Lechler spillback nozzles atomize fluids as fine hollow cone. This special single-fluid nozzle works according to the pressure atomization principle. Compared to regular single fluid nozzles, the water is fed to the nozzle with a constant feed pressure (e.g. 35 bar), independent of the atomized flow rate.

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Spray angle of the single nozzles
Spray angle of the single nozzles90° or 60° as hollow cone
High turn-down ratio
High turn-down ratioup to 12:1
Low operating costs
Low operating costsas no atomizing air required
Even and fine liquid atomization
Even and fine liquid atomizationover the entire control range
Typical pressure range
Typical pressure range35 bar, g in the supply line at the nozzle

The amount of liquid injected is adjusted via a control valve in the spillback line, whereby part of the flow is taken from the inlet flow rate and returned to the tank. The maximum atomized flow rate is achieved with the control valve closed. Uniform and fine liquid atomization is achieved across the entire control range.


  • Gas cooling in the medium-sized and large evaporative coolers
  • Gas cooling in clinker coolers
  • Gas cooling in circulating fluidised bed for SO2 separation

Areas of application

Desulphurization (DeSOx)

Professional separation of environmentally harmful sulphur oxides.

Functionality of Spillback Nozzle Lances

The nozzles themselves are designed maintenance friendly and can be quickly cleaned and replaced on the nozzle lances without must effort.

Our nozzle lances are tailored customized versions that are each manufactured project-related when considering the local and process-related circumstances. We recommend a wear protection tube or a wear tray with reinforces wall thickness to increase the service life.

Depending on the customers requirements, the lances can be equipped with the following options, amongst others:

  • Sealing air to protect the nozzle against calking
  • Sliding device for changing the protruding length
  • Piston gate, DIN or special flange
  • Pre-assembled accessory sets for connecting media

Functionality and characteristics of a spillback nozzle

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