Low-pressure nozzles

The smooth solid stream is also known as the so-called "primary jet". Low-pressure solid stream nozzlesbelong to this kind of nozzle.

Actually, the solid stream nozzle is not supposed to produce an atomized spray pattern, because it has been designed for maximum jet power. Here, the skill of Lechler design engineers was challenged to prevent concentrated, straight jets from disintegrating into drops at large distances.


Lechler solid stream nozzles series 544

Series 544

Long, closed jet with puncti form impact pattern. Optimized flow conditions. Highest jet power. Concentrated solid stream jet.

Anwendung: Cleaning installations.

Technical data (pdf, 1.67 MB)
Lechler solid stream nozzles series 540/541

Series 540/541

Several sharp solid jets. Also to use with air or saturated steam (see chapter “Air nozzles”).

Applications: Storage tank cleaning, aerating of bulk goods, recycling of liquids, as well as for accelerating chemical process reactions.

Technical data (pdf, 2.00 MB)