VarioSpray nozzle valve systems

Variable atomization of very small liquid volumes

VarioSpray nozzle valve systems

Variable atomization of very small liquid volumes

With the VarioSpray II and VarioSpray HP hydraulic pulse-width-modulated nozzle valve systems, Lechler offers two alternatives that are as versatile as they are reliable.

Conventional pneumatic spraying systems that operate with compressed air (so-called twin-fluid systems) are also able to generate extremely low flow rates, but have complex control and installation requirements. Possible aerosol formation and liquid losses due to the rebound effect also have to be taken into account.

VarioSpray nozzle valve systems use flexible timing of the spray duration to realize minimal flow rates – without the need for an expensive and complex twin-fluid system.

Benefits across the board

Flexibility thanks to modular system design

  • Adaptation to individual requirements possible
  • Optimum valve control by perfectly matched electronic components
  • Modular spray headers
  • Various predefined Lechler control concepts available
  • Individual, needs-based consulting

Resource and cost savings as no atomization air is needed

  • Aerosol-free atomization of even tiny liquid volumes reduces rebound effects
  • Reduced installation cleaning costs
  • Lower operating costs for extraction systems
  • Minimal liquid losses due to targeted positioning of the atomized liquid on the product

Precise minimum quantity atomization thanks to pulse-width-modulated valves

  • Flexible, immediate response to changed ambient parameters (e.g. belt speed)
  • Uniform jet and spray quality
  • Significantly increased turn-down ratio offers further application advantages

Comparison VarioSpray HP - VarioSpray II

VarioSpray HP

VarioSpray HP

The HP valve range can be used to atomize a wide variety of liquids. All parts that come into contact with liquids are made of stainless steel, thereby complying with EC 1935/2004 and FDA regulations.
VarioSpray II

VarioSpray II

Nozzle valves in the VarioSpray II range can effi ciently atomize the most miniscule liquid volumes. Their size makes these valves ideal for use in tight spaces. VarioSpray II is also available in a food version that complies with EC 1935/2004 and FDA regulations.
Flow rateup to 1 l/min at 3 bar (nominal flow rate without nozzle)

up to 0,14 l/min at 3 bar (nominal flow rate without nozzle)

Mediafor viscous media up to 75 mPasfor low-viscosity media up to 15 mPas
Liquid supplyat the rear, flow-optimized liquid supplyat the side, low liquid volume in the valve
Turn-down ratioup to 29:1up to 11:1
Filteroptional availableIntegrated last-chance filter
ConnectionPush-In connection for hose Ø 8Push-In connection for hose Ø 6 x 1
Voltage12 VDC24 VDC
Push-in fittingElectrical connection M8M8
ControlControl via color touch panel
  • SMART (max. 8 valves)
  • FLEX (max. 6 valves)
 Compact control unit (max. 8 valves)
Valve controlIndividual valve control (FLEX)All valves simultaneously


10/20/30/40/50/75/100/200 Hz

25/50/75/100 Hz


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