Tailor-made roll cooling systems

Besides a wide variety of spray nozzles, Lechler offers the metallurcial industry decades of experience, especially in the field of planning, installing and overhauling roll cooling systems. That's why we see ourselves as a competent partner for the optimization of rolling processes. Our tailor-made SELECTOSPRAY systems became an indispensable actuator for shape control, reliably correcting asymmetrical strip shape defects and supporting work roll bending. The proof: over 500 installed SELECTOSPRAY roll cooling systems.


Nozzle systems and valves for selective roll cooling

SELECTOSPRAY is a highly customizable system for selective roll cooling. Due to different requirements on site, there can be no “one size fits all” valve solution – but one that perfectly fits your rolling mill.

Thanks to the automations developed specifically for SELECTOSPRAY systems, you benefit from more flexibility and adaptability. Lechler offers control valves for various application scenarios:

  • pneumatic (Modulax und Mini Modulax TS)
  • electropneumatic (Modulax DSA and Mini Modulax DSA)
  • all electrical (EVA and Mini EVA)

Lechler rounds off its range with:

  • robust control hose connections that can cope with harsh environmental conditions
  • SELECTOSPRAY headers –  tailor-made and made of stainless steel to ensure maximum robustness in harsh environments
  • a modular service kit that keeps your business rolling
SELECTOSPRAY systemEach Lechler SELECTOSPRAY system comprises the spray headers, the control hoses as well as the associated control cabinet.

The principle of selective roll cooling with SELECTOSPRAY

To achieve precise cooling control, the roll barrel is ‘divided’ into zones, each of which has coolant precisely applied to it by valve controlled spray nozzles. Each of the zonal sprays can be operated independently of the others either manually, by push button control, semi automatically by a PLC, or automatically in connection with a shape control system.

The SELECTOSPRAY system can be used in conjunction with any of the shape control systems currently available, the roll zoning being dimensioned to exactly match that of the shape metering roll involved. Zone widths for both automated and manually controlled systems are available, widths in general use being between 25 mm and 100 mm.

SELECTOSPRAY systems in detail

SELECTOSPRAY header (close-up)


  • Customized spray header construction
  • Prefabricated standard components
  • Robust welded stainless steel construction, forged if necessary
  • Application of the latest 3D design programs
  • Volume flow and spray angle designed for the positioning of the header
  • Spray header have symmetrical cooling for upper and lower roller in the roll stand
  • Constructed and manufactured for all roll configurations
Lechler control hoses

Robust control hoses

Robust hose connections that can cope with the harsh environmental conditions in rolling mills.

Outer hose design:

  • Outer steel braid over inner steel shell
  • Stainless steel hose ends offering protection against high impact loads

Quick and easy connection:

  • Capable of being high pressure cleaned in place
  • Self-aligning system to uncouple pneumatic/electrical connections for simple maintenance
SELECTOSPRAY pneumatic systems: Modulax TS and Mini Modulax TS

SELECTOSPRAY pneumatic systems:
Modulax TS and Mini Modulax TS


  • 2 : 1 coolant/air pressure ratio
  • 4 large coolant inlets for laminar flow
  • Completely removable from the header front


  • Efficient cooling by blade-shaped sprays
  • Reduced downtimes due to easy maintenance
  • Simple integration thanks to use of standard shop air


  • No electrics in the mill – easy maintenance
  • Contamination tolerant – can be used with emulsion
  • Works with shop air – no extra compressor required

Further technical details

SELECTOSPRAY electropneumatic systems: Modulax DSA and Mini Modulax DSA

SELECTOSPRAY electropneumatic systems:
Modulax DSA and Mini Modulax DSA


  • 2 : 1 coolant/air pressure ratio
  • 4 large coolant inlets
  • Only one moving part, the low inertia Delrin piston assembly
  • Electropneumatic actuation
  • Can be fitted with nozzle blocks or the self-aligning dovetail fixing of the SELECTOSPRAY nozzle range
  • Easily, completely removable from the front of the header
  • Solenoid valves located directly behind the valve


  • Long-life low-friction lip seals
  • Tested to over 20 million cycles
  • Header solenoid protection
  • Visible seal damage indicator
  • Cost effective replacement
  • Segregation of air and coolant by a secondary protection barrier seal


  • Fast response time – ready for pulsing mode
  • Contamination tolerant – can be used with emulsion
  • Works with shop air – no extra compressor needed

Further technical details

SELECTOSPRAY electric systems: EVA and Mini EVA

SELECTOSPRAY electric systems:
EVA and Mini EVA


  • Completely cable free
  • Self-aligning, ensuring a perfect connection every time
  • Class leading flow capability
  • Pulse rate up to 5 Hz
  • Operating typically at 52 mm centers (50 mm optional).
    • 52/50 mm centers = EVA
    • 26/25 mm centers = Mini EVA
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Long life and easy to maintain
  • Can be fitted with nozzle blocks or the Lechler SELECTOSPRAY nozzle range


  • No control air required
  • Large orifices for a laminar flow and a stable spray pattern, providing effective and precise roll cooling
  • Easily and completely removable from the front of the header
  • No requirement to remove the header from the mill window


  • Fast response time – capable for pulsing mode
  • Failure close – suitable for inflameable coolants
  • Temperature range up to 120 deg C – suitable for hot sprays

Further technical details

Lechler SELECTOSPRAY services

Lechler SELECTOSPRAY services

We keep your business rolling

With our modular service offering for SELECTOSPRAY roll cooling systems, we support you in the planning, maintenance, servicing or repair of your plant – tailored to your individual requirements.


Our four pillars for your success

In-depth process understanding
In-depth process understanding
  • Lechler engineered hundreds of selective roll cooling systems in steel, aluminum and non-ferrous rolling mills
  • Large number of conventional roll cooling systems in hot and cold rolling mills revamped
Comprehensive design and testing capabilities
Comprehensive design and testing capabilities
  • Lechler uses state-of-the-art methods to replicate your individual situation and run through various optimization measures by e.g. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Finite element analysis (FEA) or thermal modeling and spray simulation
  • Identification of the most efficient solutions without having to interfere with the running processes
Broad product portfolio
Broad product portfolio
  • Complete nozzle program for all spray applications in metallurgy with special nozzles made from an array of different materials for casting, roll cooling, descaling and strip processing
  • Achieving optimum results with the lowest possible amount of energy and spraying media
  • Reducing production costs and plant’s CO2 emissions
Worldwide presence
Worldwide presence
  • Production facilities in Germany, China, the USA, India and Hungary
  • Support of rolling mill operators along the entire life cycle – from planning and commissioning to maintenance and modernization

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