Droplet Separator

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Droplet Separator

The flue gas desulfurization or gas treatment increasingly strict emissions regulations, product loss, downstream equipment health means that many industries are faced with enormous economic challenges. The implementation of more stringent environmental protection regulation makes it necessary to install high efficiency droplet separator. Lechler offers a clean solution with a wide range of nozzles and droplet separators for every task.

The use of high efficiency droplet separators reduces the pollutants carried by the gases leaving the gas – washing plants or gas treating plant. This is one out of many benefits of droplet separators. In actual the usage purpose changes from application to application, few of them are listed below:

1. To reduce pollutants released to atmosphere

2. Retain the expensive reactants / catalyst from gas fluid

3. Health of downstream plant components

4. Gas purification

5. Sulfur compounds removal

Working closely with plant operators and with scientific institutes, Lechler has developed a variety of droplet separators, which they have proved to be highly successful in many fields of industry.

The droplet separator can be produced in a wide variety of designs in the materials stainless steel, Plastic or aluminum. They are supplied as ready-to-install components or individual lamella.

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