Vehicle Disinfection System – 360 degree disinfection and hygiene control

Infections caused by microbes like virus and bacteria continue to be a major component of morbidity and mortality in the human population. There is also constant threat of emergence of new microbial components that can affect the human population.

Vehicle Disinfection System – 360 degree disinfection and hygiene control

The effects of such unknown infections are devastating not only to humans, but also on the businesses and the economy.

It is imperative that we remain prepared in advance to counter any such threats of contaminations and infections not only to save our present, but also to secure our future.

Incoming goods and passenger vehicles are a possible source of unknown infections and spread of diseases in the absence of proper control systems.

Infection prevention and control is a scientific approach and practical solution designed to prevent harm caused by spread of infections from one person to another. A properly designed Vehicle Disinfection System can play a big and decisive role in ensuring a work place free from microbial contamination and spread of infections through contaminated or infected vehicle parts.

Vehicle Disinfection System is suitable for 360 degree disinfection and hygiene control for incoming vehicles in factories, offices or any public access places.

The system is flexible to suit different vehicle sizes and designed for precise spraying of disinfectants on vehicles.

The system is equipped with a motion sensor to identify and operate the spray based‐on vehicle movement. The 40‐nozzle spray‐arch with the specially designed wide spray‐pattern provides full 360 degree vehicle coverage, including the vehicle undercarriage and the tyres.

652 nozzle  

The perfect nozzles for this systems are the Lechler series 652.

These nozzles are predestined for especially low flow rates and a parabolic liquid distribution.

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