Lechler Nozzles – Diversity at its best

Lechler's services go far beyond the development and production of nozzles. With a broad portfolio of products and services, we ensure optimum spraying results in a wide range of industries and applications.

Lechler Nozzles – Diversity at its best.

Market leaders and Europe's No. 1 for nozzle technology will only be those who can offer their customers the best advantages. Here, Lechler convinces on more than just one level: with unrivaled product diversity, over 140 years of experience, state-of-the-art nozzle manufacturing, specific services and maximum focus on solutions.

The Lechler product and service offering

Lechler nozzle portfolio


We support our customers with a wide range of nozzles, spray systems and accessories. In addition to ready-to-use precision nozzles and matching accessories, Lechler also offers Engineered Solutions.

Product Range
Lechler droplet separators

Droplet separators

Our droplet separators are a component in process engineering and gas cleaning facilities. They are used to separate liquids from gas streams and are used in over 100 different applications worldwide.

Droplet Separator Systems
Lechler lances and customized products

Lances and customized products

With nozzle lances, spray headers and spray systems, we ensure the implementation of customized solutions for your application.

Nozzle lances and injectors
Lechler Measuring Technology

Measuring technology

We not only use high-precision spray measurements and spray analyses for our own nozzle developments, but also offer them as a service.

Measuring technology
Lechler CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

Computer-aided flow simulation not only enables us to develop nozzles more quickly and precisely, but also to optimize customer-specific processes.

Simulations using CFD
Lechler Engineering


Our experienced engineering team will be happy to support you with a system solution tailored to your application and conditions.

Engineering Services

At home in a wide range of industrial sectors

Lechler nozzles and nozzle systems are used in numerous industries and applications. We understand your processes and optimally match each nozzle to the respective environmental conditions. Our specialists will support you in choosing the right nozzle and will also be happy to advise you on further matters.

Lechler precision for all industries

Precision for all industries

From agriculture to cement – whether standard nozzles in high quality or complex spray systems for special requirements.

Lechler nozzles for any application

The optimum nozzle for any application

Cleaning, cooling, spraying or whatever application – Lechler nozzles and spray systems are designed to guarantee optimum use in individual scenarios.



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