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2017 European Bee Award


The Lechler DroplegUL was awarded the European Bee Award by ELO and CEMA. The Bee Award recognizes innovations that protect bees, pollinators and biodiversity.

DroplegUL is used e. g. for the treatment of underflowers in rape seed. Normally, pesticides are sprayed directly into the flowers with nozzles from above. This is problematic and very controversial as bees, which fly to the flowers after spraying, come into direct contact with the pesticides. This leads to residues in the honey and pollen reserves of the bees.

The DroplegUL can help here. The flowering plain is driven underneath and the pesticides are applied in the area of the stems and leaves, exactly where they are needed. With this technique, no pesticides get into the flowers and the bees do not come into contact with the pesticide. Therefore there are no residues in honey and pollen.

Operating mode

Our video demonstrates the application of DroplegUL

Application areas

Crop Production

Efficient nozzle technology for field crops, wine and orchard cultivation and horticulture.

Ground care

Efficient ground care on golf courses and sports grounds, traffic areas, airports or riding arena floors.

Support Agriculture

Nozzle recommendations for different cultures such as corn, cereals, potatoes, rape seed, sugar beets, strawberries, soy beans and cotton.

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