Our comprehensive range of accessories significantly contributes to optimizing the adaptability of Lechler nozzles to special requirements and prerequisites.

No matter whether you want to change nozzles easily, to provide sealing or just to have an alternative fixing facility, you’ll profit in every respect from Lechler’s technical know-how and practical experience with accessories. As a result, your work is made easier, your capacity is better utilized and you’ll be saving cost to an extent you wouldn’t have thought possible.

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Lechler Accessories for Nozzles

Groups of accessories

HygienicFit (Adapter for rotating cleaning nozzles)

HygienicFit (Adapter for rotating cleaning nozzles)

The HygienicFit adapter is the perfect match for Lechler rotating cleaning nozzles. It has been specially developed for the hygienic connection of rotating cleaning nozzles. The adapter is welded directly to the supply line so that the rotating cleaning nozzle and the adapter form a clean unit.

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Lechler series 166 H

Solenoid valve 166 H

The stainless steel body attached to an electrically actuated solenoid valve offers the possibility to clock the spray application flexibly.

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Lechler TWISTLOC quick release system

TWISTLOC Quick-change nozzle system

Lechler TWISTLOC-nozzle changing in less than no time. The quick-change nozzle system makes you save time and money.

Quick: For putting in or taking out a nozzle, just give it a twist. Easy: Without tool, just with one hand, even at locations hard to get at and under bad lighting conditions. Safe: Constant pre-setting of the nozzle to the correct direction prevents any assembling errors. Max. pressure: 15 bar.

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Lechler bayonet quick release system

Bayonet quick release system

Inclusive gasket 065.242.73 (material: rubber)

Information: Please consider the material combination if you use bayonet quick release eyelet clamps in combination with bayonet quick release retainer caps. When different materials are used, the cap may become difficult to run.

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Lechler ball joint for bayonet quick release system in Online Shop

Ball joint for bayonet quick release system

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Lechler eyelet clamps/retaining nuts

Eyelet clamps/retaining nuts

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Lechler non-return valves/filters

Non-return valves/filters

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Lechler gaskets/teflon sealing tape

Gaskets/Teflon sealing tape

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