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Lechler nozzles for product provision

ProduktbereitstellungSeries 468 full cone nozzles with a 60° spray angle clean cut fruit and vegetables. Various types of nozzles are used in these systems. Flat fan and tongue-type ozzles for powerful cleaning of heavy soil. Full cone nozzles for rinsing and tank cleaning nozzles for cleaning the insides of barrels.High impact tank cleaning machines and tank cleaning nozzles with controlled rotation speed were specially developed for tackling very heavy soil.In most cases, cleaning is performed with a mixture of immersion baths and spraying stations.
Reinigen von Obst und Gemüse

Cleaning of fruit and vegetables

  • Thoroughly remove any adhering dirt or debris
  • Preserve vitamins
  • No damage to products
Flaschenreinigung und Fassreinigung

Bottle and barrel cleaning

  • Efficient cleaning of bottles and kegs
  • Reliable cleaning of complex container shapes
  • Thorough cleaning of corners and bends
Anlagen- und Großbehälterreinigung

Machine and tank cleaning

  • Effective cleaning of systems and large tanks
  • Fast, thorough cleaning of large surfaces
  • Effective cleaning of curved surfaces

Crate washers

  • Effective cleaning and removal of dirt and debris from crates
  • Efficient combination of immersion baths and spraying stations
  • Resistance to various cleaning chemicals

Other nozzle applications in the product provision field

  • Humidification
  • Filter cleaning
  • Foam suppression
  • Animal carcass cleaning
  • Drum and plate washing systems, e.g. for cleaning fish
  • Cleaning, lubricating cutting knives, belts, and other equipment
  • Sorting procedures with air
  • Blowing off surfaces with air

Fitting nozzles

Lechler Vollkegeldüsen Baureihe 468

Nozzles for cleaning of fruit and vegetables

Series 468

Full cone nozzle for assembly with retaining nut. Uniform full cone spray.

Applications: Surface spraying, spraying over packings, chemical process engineering, cleaning and washing processes, cooling of gaseous fluids and solids.

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Lechler Vollkegeldüsen Baureihe 490/491

Nozzles for bottle and barrel cleaning

Series 490/491

Non-clogging nozzle design. Stable spray angle. Particularly even liquid distribution.

Applications: Cleaning and washing processes, surface spraying, Container cleaning, foam precipitation, degassing of liquids.

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Lechler Rotationsreiniger Baureihe 566

Nozzles for bottle and barrel cleaning

Series 566 "MicroWhirly"

The MicroWhirly with effective flat jet nozzles is approved for food contact. Thanks to the robust bearing made from PEEK, the MicroWhirly has a particularly long service life. The MicroWhirly is alternatively available with an internal or external thread and in an ATEX version, which allows it to be adapted to a wide range of uses.

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Lechler Zielstrahlreiniger Baureihe 5TM

Nozzles for machine cleaning and tank cleaning

Series 5TM "IntenseClean"

The IntenseClean is used in many applications, amongst others in the petrochemical industry. It is noted for its robust and proven construction, effective solid jets and gear-controlled rotation.

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Lechler Flachstrahldüsen Baureihe 688/689

Nozzles for pack washers

Series 688/689

Hard, sharp flat fan, narrowly delimited jet pattern. Not prone to clogging.

Applications: Cleaning, washing, degreasing and phosphating, preparation techniques.

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