Droplet separation in metallurgy

For the reduction of process-related emissions

In the entire iron and steel manufacturing industry as well as in aluminum and non-ferrous metallurgy, the flue gases can be cleaned by wet scrubbers. These huge quantities of mist suspensions are produced as a result and can be separated – just like in other places in the process chain.

Droplet separation in metallurgy

For a long time now, nozzles and droplet separators from Lechler have contributed to reduce emissions along the process chain and protect plant components. We are extremely familiar with the processes in the metal industry and can offer you tailor-made solutions.

Installations in coke quenching towerInstallations in a coke quenching tower

Droplet separation in metallurgy in practice


  • Corrosion avoidance
  • Solid matter separation
  • Liquid separation
  • Emission reduction
  • Gas cleaning


  • Highest degrees of separation for large liquid quantities
  • Separation of small droplets
  • Compact design even for high gas velocities
  • Low pressure losses
  • Tailor-made solutions


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