Droplet separation in shipbuilding

For better air at sea

In shipbuilding, droplet separators play an important part in ensuring compliance with environmental laws and also protect downstream ship systems. They are used both in air intake systems as protection against rain and splash water and also in treatment of the exhaust gases from the engines. They also play an important part in contributing to decarbonization in the shipping industry.

Droplet separation in shipbuilding

Desulfurization by wet scrubbing

Due to the increasingly strict limits for sulfur levels and the expansion of the Emission Control Areas, retrofitting efficient scrubbers has now also become an important prerequisite for economical operation of older ships.

Example exhaust gas cleaningExample of exhaust gas cleaning

Droplet separators for charge air coolers

In tropical climates, the intake air for the ship engines generates up to 200 tonnes of condensed water per day. Lechler droplet separators are also able to separate such large quantities and thus protect the combustion chambers from damage due to water ingress.

Droplet separator system for charge air coolersDroplet separator systems for air intakes are available in many sizes and reliably protect system components against corrosion and damage.

Droplet separation in shipbuilding in practice


  • Use in wet scrubbers for cleaning exhaust gases
  • Protection of downstream installations


  • Modular system design
  • Highest degrees of separation for large liquid quantities
  • Separation of small droplets
  • Compact design even for high gas velocities
  • Low pressure losses
  • More uniform flow distribution
  • Use also with high solid particle quantities
  • Cleaning during ongoing operation


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