Current measures due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) – Availability guaranteed!

Dear business partners,

On 16th March, the Malaysian Government introduced a Movement Control Order, which forced private businesses to close down their facilities from 18th – 31st March. We fully support the measures taken by the Government to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. We have therefore taken various measures to protect our employees to avoid the risk of infection.

These measures also serve to ensure that we are still available to our customers.

As Europe's No. 1 in nozzle technology with production sites on various continents, we are flexibly positioned worldwide.

Due to our high level of vertical integration, we are largely independent of specific procurement markets and sub-suppliers.

We are aware, however, that due to the dynamics with which COVID-19 is spreading worldwide, the situation is not clear for everyone.

As our products are wear parts, which are mostly process relevant, we ask you to check if you have sufficient stock of Lechler products in your company.

Please contact us in case of need or uncertainties – we are there for you with the usual Lechler service.

If there are any significant changes, we will inform you here.

Thank you very much for your confidence and stay healthy!

Your Lechler Management

 Lechler delivery and availability guaranteed!


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