DryMASTER – The new standard in spray drying technology

Lechler GmbH has enlarged their extensive product range with the new DryMASTER nozzle series for spray drying.

La nuova serie Lechler DryMASTER La nuova serie Lechler DryMASTER

The DryMASTER was specifically designed as a modular series in order to cover different applications with as much interchangeability as possible, guarantee easy maintainability, and achieve the very best atomization results.

Choosing the DryMASTER series means choosing a superior quality, hygienic product. The Lechler design is the first spray drying nozzle series to offer full assemblies compliant to EU1935/2004, GB4806 and FDA requirements.

Lechler’s DryMASTER series boasts a unique carbide grade which has a superior wear rate compared to other spray drying nozzle technologies. The specifically developed grade is not only harder, but features a unique binder technology to better withstand chemical attack.

The Lechler Carbide Recycling (CARE) program offers the ability to return spent tungsten carbide nozzle spares for recycling in exchange for credit. The sustainable CARE program not only reduces your carbon footprint, but also provides a financial incentive. Lechler is the first nozzle manufacturer who offers a recycling program of this kind.