Lechler Y-Kit for DroplegUL

For an extra gentle late fertilization.

[Translate to Malay:] Lechler Y-Kit für DroplegUL

Exact, even and accurate to the edge. This is how fertilizer distribution should be – even with large working widths and unfavourable wind conditions. Liquid fertilization is the perfect form of application here because it can be applied sharp to the edge without loss of yield through under-fertilization in the border area. When the plants are already larger, hose drop systems or DroplegUL are used to ensure gentle liquid fertilizer application. These systems are perfect for late top dressing in cereals or corn for example. The so-called "burning", in which the crop is damaged by liquid fertilizer, can thus be avoided.

The Lechler Y-Kit for DroplegUL offers the possibility to place the fertilizer in row crops directly to the row. This allows late fertilization in corn – which is otherwise often difficult – in a gentle way and "into the mouth" of the plant. A second late fertilization in corn becomes more and more interesting and can lead to an increase in yield. This can be achieved not only with hose drop systems, but also with the DroplegUL with the Lechler Y-Kit. The application directly to the row allows a very gentle application without burnings and exactly when the corn needs the fertilizer. The DroplegUL goes through the rows without floating even at higher driving speeds. The amount of fertilizer can be regulated with dosing orifices.