Our new KSD0 nozzle series for precise atomization of urea solution

The new KSD0 nozzle series impresses with its slim design as well as low maintenance requirements and thus offers the optimal solution for atomizing urea solution at low flow rates.


Operating principle

KSD nozzles are twin-fluid nozzles that inject with a particularly uniform full-cone with a spray angle of up to 30°. The nozzles operate according the principle of external mixing, i.e. gas and liquid are mixed outside the nozzle body.

Compared to internal mixing nozzles, external mixing nozzles convince with a low tendency to crystallization of the urea. With internal mixing nozzles, blockages occur more frequently in the nozzle, resulting in poorer spray performance and requiring extensive cleaning of the nozzles.

In a field test, it was confirmed that the maintenance effort for the KSD0 nozzles during operation with urea solution is significantly lower compared to internal mixing nozzles. With the external mixing KSD nozzles, cleaning is easily possible during operation without dismantling the nozzles.

KSD0 nozzle

Advantages of the KSD0 nozzles

  • Lean construction enables a cost-efficient design
  • Low risk of crystallization of the urea
  • Cleaning possible during operation
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Suitable for the use of steam as atomizing medium
  • Availability of 4 different flow rates
  • Simple conversion of existing systems thanks to uniform nozzle connection geometry
    (e.g. Laval L0-Serie and VJ II- 3-Serie)

Videos about the new KSD0 nozzle series

KSD0 nozzle – Assembly

KSD0 nozzle – Assembly

Assembly instruction for the Lechler KSD0 nozzle. Explained step by step.https://youtu.be/iSKPXH-OYiI
KSD0 nozzle – Disassembly

KSD0 nozzle – Disassembly

Disassembly instruction for the Lechler KSD0 nozzle. Explained step by step.https://youtu.be/tchlyIEnVp8


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