Droplet separators for air inlets

The single to multi-stage droplet separators for air inlets developed by Lechler are used in various areas, e.g. in the shipbuilding and offshore industries to protect ventilation systems against rain, splash water and fog.

Droplet separators for air inletsLechler droplet separators are available in many sizes and designs.

This protects plant components from corrosion and damage and improves air quality in climate-controlled areas. Only materials with a high resistance to seawater are used as materials here.

In this case, droplet separator profiles are used for horizontal incoming flow. Due to the variety of profiles offered by Lechler, a suitable system can be designed for every application and requirement.

Tropfenabscheider für Lufteinlässe

Material flexibility

The materials of the droplet separators for air inlets can be adapted to a high degree to individual requirements.

Other system-specific droplet separator systems on ships

Tropfenabscheidersysteme in der Nasswäsche

Droplet separatos in wet scrubbers

Droplet separators in wet scrubbers
Tropfenabscheider für Ladeluftkühler

Droplet separators for charge air cooler

Droplet separators for charge air cooler
Übersicht Tropfenabscheidersysteme auf Schiffen

Overview droplet separators on ships

Droplet separators on ships


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