Quality flat spray nozzles QS 80-015 C
Quality flat spray nozzles QS 80, engineering drawing

Quality flat spray nozzles QS 80

Ceramic universal flat spray nozzles with a finer droplet spectrum, for low l/ha rates and higher workrates.

Representative Technical data (pdf, 1 MB)


Nozzle size
Nozzle size015 – 025
Spray angle
Spray angle80°
Pressure range
Pressure range1.5 – 5 bar
Recommended filters
Recommended filters80 M 015, 60 M 02 – 025
Droplet size
Droplet sizeCoarse – fine
Width across flats
Width across flats8 mm
Boom height
Boom height60 – 90 cm

Application areas

Plant protection products and growth regulators
Border application can be combined with border nozzle OC


  • „„„80° flat spray reduces drift in comparison with 110°/120° flat spray
  • Higher droplet density thanks to optimized droplet spectrum
  • Lower volume flow tolerance of +1 / -3 % due to high manufacturing quality
  • Optimum cross distribution for boom heights of 0.6 – 0.9 m
  • Ceramic tip ensures high wear resistance

Application areas

Crop Production

Efficient nozzle technology for field crops, wine and orchard cultivation and horticulture.

Ground care

Efficient ground care on golf courses and sports grounds, traffic areas, airports or riding arena floors.