Hose drop system 5S and SL
Hose drop system 5S and SL, engineering drawing
Hose drop system 5S and SL, assembly

Hose drop system 5S and SL

Flexible hose drop system with weight loaded 5-orifice tip for late liquid fertilizer application.

Representative Technical data (pdf, 924 KB)


Tube spacing
Tube spacing0.25 m und 0.5 m
Dosing orifice
Dosing orifice5S: 02 and 03;
5SL: 04, 05 and 06
Spray angle
Spray angle160°
Pressure range
Pressure range1 – 5 bar

Application areas

Liquid fertilizer 5S: 50 – 300 l/ha UAN 5SL: 180 – 550 l/ha UAN


  • No scorching, because weight-loaded 5-orifice tip is submerged in crop
  • 5-orifice tip distributes the liquid fertilizer uniformly in the crop with 0.5 m hose spacing
  • In comparison with 0.25 m hose drop system, lower boom loading when pulling through the crop
  • Compliance with transport width by ideal adaption of the hose when boom is folded
  • Extension as spacer with hose attachment prevents paint damage to the sprayer when folded in
  • Including bayonet cap system MULTIJET (incl. gasket) as standard
  • Selection of l/ha rate by nozzle plates

Application areas

Nozzle recommendations

Nozzle recommendations for different crops such as corn, cereals, potatoes, rape seed, sugar beet, strawberry, soy bean and cotton.

Operating mode

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