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VarioJet nozzle lance

VarioJet Nozzle Lances

Twin-fluid nozzles with low air consumption despite large outlet angle

Lechler VarioJet nozzles atomize according to the principle of internal mixing. With this twin-fluid nozzle, the water is fed in axially via a bore hole. The liquid is split up into a thin liquid film. This thin liquid film is split into finest droplets by the atomizing air in the mixing chamber. The resulting two-phase mixture is then atomized a second time when exiting via several bore holes arranged in a circular fashion.

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Large spray angle
Large spray angle60°, 90° for good coverage of the cross-section of the duct
High turn-down ratie
High turn-down ratie16:1 to 40:1
Adjustment of the droplet spectrum
Adjustment of the droplet spectrumby changing the air/ fluid ratio
Low air consumption
Low air consumption
Clog-resistantthanks to large free cross-sections without internal fittings
Typical pressure range
Typical pressure rangeLiquid 1-10 bar, g ; Atomizing air 1-6 bar, g

Thanks to the innovative design of the nozzle, a spray with a large outlet angle is achieved. This is characterized by an even liquid distribution as well as a fine droplet spectrum with a low specific air consumption. The large free cross-sections in the nozzle keep the risk of clogging and the maintenance effort to a minimum.

The fineness of the droplet spectrum is decisively influenced by the air/liquid ratio and by the pressure level of the two flow rates. As a general rule: the higher the air/ liquid ratio and the higher the pressure level of atomizing air and liquid is, the finer the droplet spectrum.


  • Gas cooling in gas cooling towers
  • Gas cooling in gas-bearing pipes (ducts)
  • Injection of ammonia water for DeNOx process (SNCR/SCR)

Application areas

Evaporative and chlorine-bypass cooler

Gas cooling in evaporative cooler

Downcomer Duct

Gas cooling in downcomer duct

SNCR process

Denitrification DeNOx SNCR

SCR process

Denitrification DeNOx SCR

Functionality of VarioJet Nozzle Lances

Nozzle lances ensure optimal spray placement and alignment in flue gas ducts. The consideration of local conditions and process-related matters means they can be individually adapted to the respective requirements.

The robust, high-quality stainless steel construction ensures a high degree of functional reliability. Lances are avialable in a variety of material to suit specific process requirements.

The nozzles themselves have a low-maintenance design and can be quickly cleaned or exchanged with minimal effort.

Nozzle lances are available with many options,including but not limited to:

  • Protection tube to increase the service life in case of higher temperatures, high dust loads and aggressive gases
  • Expansion joint or stuffing box for expansion compensation at high temperatures
  • Wedge flange, standard flange or special flange
  • Shifting device to change the insertion lenght
  • Pre-assembled accessory kits for process media connections
  • Further special customizations including wear protection, insulation, water cooling or coating