Functional videos Hollow cone nozzles

What's the difference between the axial-flow and the eccentric-flow hollow cone nozzle?

The liquid supply is axial, rotary motion of the liquid is generated by so-called swirl inserts or vanes. Axial-flow hollow cone nozzles allow to produce the finest droplets achievable with pressure-operated nozzle designs. This is also called hydraulic atomization.

Axial-flow hollow cone nozzle

Tangential-flow hollow cone nozzles provide a very uniform hollow cone spray thanks to a particular flow geometry. Liquid is put into rotation by an eccentricity arranged liquid inlet. Thereby a very uniform liquid distribution is achieved with spray angles up to 130°.

Eccentric-flow hollow cone nozzle

Which (spray) character goes with you?

Of course, we will be pleased to advise you on the subject of spray character if required.


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