Designs and operating principles

The optimum cleaning nozzle for every task

Lechler rotating cleaning nozzles are based on different operating principles, which should be selected depending on the application. In general, a distinction is made between four operating principles:

Static spray balls do not rotate and therefore require considerably more fluid. They are used primarily for rinsing tanks. They are inexpensive to purchase and are very robust (trouble-free).

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The cleaning fluid drives the spray head by means of specially positioned nozzles. The rapidly repeated impacts remove the soil and rinses it from the tank surface. This results in optimum cleaning efficiency at low pressures in small to medium-sized tanks.

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Controlled rotation
The rotating head is driven by the fluid. A turbine wheel with an internal gear is used to control the rotation. This ensures that the speed remains in the optimum range even at higher pressures. The droplets produced are larger and strike the tank wall at higher speed. These rotating cleaning nozzles thus achieve an even higher impact which is especially for large tanks important.

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The cleaning fluid drives an internal gear by means of a turbine wheel so that the spray head rotates by two axes. The solid jet nozzles mounted on the spray head produce powerful jets. These jets sweep the entire tank surface in a pre-programmed, model-specific pattern during a spray cycle. This requires a certain minimum time. These models generate the highest impact and are therefore ideal for very large tanks and the toughest cleaning tasks.

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Useful information for optimized cleaning processes

The fundamentals of cleaning technology

The fundamentals of cleaning technology

Optimization of the Sinner's circle to reduce costs

The fundamentals of cleaning technology

Cleaning efficiency classes

Five classes for an easy nozzle selection

Cleaning efficiency classes
Lechler Reinigungsdüsenprogramm

Lechler cleaning nozzles program

Innovative impulsion concepts, state-of-the-art nozzle design, many sizes/materials

Tank and Equipment Cleaning


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