Rotating cleaning nozzle CanCleaner, ball bearing-mounted
Rotating cleaning nozzles, „CanCleaner“ and „MiniWhirly“, ball bearing-mounted, engineering drawing

Rotating cleaning nozzles, „CanCleaner“ and „MiniWhirly“, ball bearing-mounted

Rotating cleaning head with flat spray nozzles and ball bearings.

Representative Technical data (pdf, 506 KB)



FIMA 2018
FIMA 2018


Spray angle
Spray angle300°
MaterialPOM, stainless steel
Recommended pressure range
Recommended pressure range2 – 3 – 5 bar
Operating principle
Operating principleFree-spinning
Max. tank diameter
Max. tank diameter1.3 m
FiltrationLine strainer with a mesh size of 0.3 mm/50 mesh
BearingBall bearing made of stainless steel


  • „Effective rotating cleaning by means of flat spray nozzles

  • Optimum internal cleaning of plant protection equipment tanks, canisters, containers and plant protection product packaging

  • Self-powered, without external drive

  • Slow rotation for optimum cleaning effect

  • „„Resistant to chemicals


  • „„20% increased flow rate towards canister bottom
  • „ISO 10625 color coded, size 60

Operating mode MiniWhirly

The Lechler MiniWhirly is a rotation cleaner for small containers. It is particularly low-priced, free-spinning and convinces with its effective flat jet geometry. The MiniWhirly is ideally suited for the cleaning of industrial plants, containers and machines.

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