Droplet separators for charge air cooler

The intake air for the combustion process (combustion air) in a tropical climate produces up to 200 tons of condensed water per day. The amount of condensed water after the purge air cooler increases dramatically due to the continuous increase in mean effective pressure and consequently the increase in purge air pressure.

Tropfenabscheider für LadeluftkühlerDie zuverlässige Abscheidung von Kondenswasser erhöht die Lebensdauer der beteiligten Komponenten nachhaltig.

The penetration of water into the combustion chamber is one of the main risk factors for:

  •     Problems with piston running
  •     Damage to the piston rings
  •     Seizure between the sliding surfaces
  •     Damage to surfaces
  •     Severe mechanical damage to important parts

Condensation of water cannot be avoided in areas of high humidity. Lechler droplet separators are used to separate the liquid.

Horizontal angeströmter Tropfenabscheider

Droplet separators for horizontal gas flow

In vane-type separators for horizontal gas flow, the separation vanes are arranged vertically to the gas flow so that the liquid runs down the baffles due to gravity. The creation of flow-calmed zones allows the liquid film to specifically drain in these areas without renewed contact with the gas flow.

Separadores de gotas - Principio funcional

A wide range of profiles reliably covers every application

Profilgeometrie horizontal angeströmte TropfenabscheiderProfilgeometrie von horizontal angeströmten Tropfenabscheidern (v.l.n.r.): LTH 100, LTH 500, LTH 600.

Other system-specific droplet separators on ships

Tropfenabscheidersysteme in der Nasswäsche

Droplet separators in wet scrubbers

Droplet separators in wet scrubbers
Tropfenabscheider für Lufteinlässe

Droplet separators in charge air cooler

Droplet separators for air inlets
Übersicht Tropfenabscheidersysteme auf Schiffen

Overview droplet separators on ships

Droplet separators on ships


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