Tank cleaning under most challenging conditions

Production processes in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries often involve the processing of highly corrosive raw materials or product components. There is no question that such special production conditions also require the use of cleaning nozzles made of special materials that can resist these harsh environmental conditions. As the world market leader for tank cleaning nozzles, Lechler here offers appropriate solutions.

Tank cleaning under most challenging conditions

Highly corrosion-resistant and ATEX certified Lechler nozzles

As tank cleaning nozzles often remain permanently installed in the process tank, equally high requirements apply to tank cleaning nozzles with regard to the material. Highly corrosion-resistant special alloys such as the material Alloy 22 are ideally suited for demanding environmental conditions in the production process. Alloy 22 is highly resistant to many corrosive media under oxidizing and reducing conditions.

Furthermore, there is often an explosive atmosphere in these production processes due to the products to be processed or the cleaning media used. Cleaning nozzles used in potentially explosive atmospheres should be designed for such special conditions and should have ATEX approval.

Both factors must be taken into consideration when choosing the right tank cleaning nozzle – in addition to other process-specific factors. Lechler offers tank cleaning products that are both highly corrosion-resistant and ATEX-certified

Diverse application scenarios for Lechler tank cleaning nozzlesDiverse application scenarios for Lechler tank cleaning nozzles
Other series with ATEX approval

Other series with ATEX approval

If ATEX approval is the main focus when selecting a nozzle and if stainless steel 316L is sufficient in terms of corrosion resistance, the following series are available:

The Lechler cleaning nozzles PopUp Whirly and PopUp Clean are the perfect addition for a complete system cleaning.

Lechler cleaning efficiency classes

Easy nozzle selection

Lechler offers further series for tank cleaning and has a large variety of different tank cleaning nozzles. Thanks to the Lechler cleaning efficiency classes, choosing the right nozzle – despite the large variety – is very simple and quick.

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Detailed information about cleaning efficiency classes