Cleaning efficiency class 4

Effective removal of heavy soiling

The Lechler products in this class have controlled rotating cleaning nozzles. They are suitable for contact with food and the cleaning of large tanks. The cleaning nozzles of cleaning efficiency class 4 are available in many different sizes and flow rates.

Cleaning efficiency class 4

The efficient flat spray nozzle geometry of the rotating cleaners in cleaning efficiency class 4 ensures the removal of heavy soiling at temperatures of up to 140 °C.

Process reliability is increased through combination with the Lechler rotation monitoring sensor.

Produkte der Reinigungseffizienzklasse 4


Max. tank diameter
Max. tank diameter0.25 – 8.0 m
Operating principle
Operating principleControlled rotation
Flow rates at 2 bar
Flow rates at 2 bar25 to 193 l/min
Recommended operating pressures
Recommended operating pressures3 to 5 bar
Max. temperatures
Max. temperatures80° to 140° C

Nozzles of cleaning efficiency class 4

Lechler rotating cleaning nozzles series 5S6/5S6 "XactClean HP 2"

Series 5S6/5S7 "XactClean HP 2"

Specially developed flat fan nozzles provide high impact and uniform cleaning for the XactClean HP 2. The controlled rotation ensures that the XactClean HP 2 works extremely efficient. Thanks to the robust drive unit the XactClean HP is very reliable and ensures increased operation liability. It is available in various spray angles and flow rates and is also compatible with the Lechler rotating monitoring sensor.

More Technical data (pdf, 2.17 MB)
Rotating cleaning nozzle series 5S5

Series 5S5 "XactClean HP+"

The "XactClean HP+" provides uniform cleaning and high impact, thanks to specially developed flat fan nozzles. Controlled rotation, along with higher flow rates, ensures effective results, especially in larger tanks. The robust drive unit makes the "XactClean HP+" extremely dependable and increases operational reliability. This nozzle is compatible with the Lechler rotation monitoring sensor, making it easy to oversee the cleaning process.

More Technical data (pdf, 2.38 MB)

Useful information for optimized cleaning processes

The fundamentals of cleaning technology

The fundamentals of cleaning technology

Optimization of the Sinner's circle to reduce costs

The fundamentals of cleaning technology

Designs and operating principles

Static, free-spinning, controlled rotation or gear-controlled?

Designs and operating principles
Lechler Reinigungsdüsenprogramm

Lechler cleaning nozzles program

Innovative impulsion concepts, state-of-the-art nozzle design, many sizes/materials

Tank and Equipment Cleaning


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