Cleaning efficiency class 3

Efficient removal of light and medium soiling

Due to their special nozzle geometry and flow rates from 11 to 639 l/min at 2 bar, the rotating nozzles in efficiency class 3 are suitable for cleaning medium soiling from tanks and equipment. Such soiling is especially found in the food and beverage industry, but also in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Cleaning efficiency class 3

The free-spinning rotating nozzles in class 3 are made from especially high-grade materials and are available in tank sizes from small to large.

The HygienicWhirly is perfectly suited for hygienically sensitive areas and can also be used for the output of foam. The Whirly series is also available as an ATEX version and can therefore also be used in explosive environments.

Nozzles of cleaning efficiency class 3


Max. tank diameter
Max. tank diameter0.25 – 5.5 m
Operating principle
Operating principleFree-spinning
Flow rates at 2 bar
Flow rates at 2 bar11 to 639 l/min
Recommended operating pressures
Recommended operating pressures2 to 3 bar
Max. temperatures
Max. temperatures90° to 140° C

Nozzles of cleaning efficiency class 3

Lechler rotating cleaning nozzles series 594/595 "HygienicWhirly"

Series 594/595 "HygienicWhirly"

The HygienicWhirly with its highly effective flat jets is particularly suited for high hygiene requirements and for the application of foam. It can be used to clean tanks and equpiment. Operation at low pressure with good cleaning effect is also possible.

More Technical data (pdf, 2.24 MB)
Lechler rotating cleaning nozzles series 5W9 "Whirly 2"

Series 5W9 "Whirly 2"

Popular and proven: the design of the "Whirly 2". The rotating cleaning nozzle generates effective flat jets and offers various connection options. It is available in a very wide range of flow rates and different spray angles.

More Technical data (pdf, 2.35 MB)
Lechler rotating cleaning nozzles series 577 "Gyro"

Series 577 "Gyro"

The Gyro cleans with powerful nozzle inserts and is available in many flow rates and spray angles. It is also suitable for very large tanks and is insensitive to clogging.

More Technical data (pdf, 2.72 MB)

Useful information for optimized cleaning processes

The fundamentals of cleaning technology

The fundamentals of cleaning technology

Optimization of the Sinner's circle to reduce costs

The fundamentals of cleaning technology

Designs and operating principles

Static, free-spinning, controlled rotation or gear-controlled?

Designs and operating principles
Lechler Reinigungsdüsenprogramm

Lechler cleaning nozzles program

Innovative impulsion concepts, state-of-the-art nozzle design, many sizes/materials

Tank and Equipment Cleaning


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