XactClean HP 2 – New rotating cleaning nozzle shines in terms of efficiency and hygiene

Tradition meets innovation. With the XactClean HP 2, the Lechler portfolio for tank cleaning nozzles is fit for the future: This is because the further development of the proven rotating cleaning nozzle XactClean HP presents itself even more efficient and covers hygiene requirements even better.

Spray pattern of the Lechler XactClean HP 2

With the launch of the XactClean HP in 2015, Lechler had once caught the spirit of time: With this cleaning nozzle type, Lechler closed the gap between cost-efficient (but less efficient) spray balls or surge cleaners and cost-intensive (but very efficient) high impact tank cleaning machines. Since then, powerful and efficient cleaning has been made possible at an attractive price.

Meanwhile, this concept has been successfully proven in thousands of applications. Eight years later, Lechler is now launching its optimized successor, the XactClean HP 2.

The "new one" not only convinces with its cleaning efficiency, but also offers additional advantages in terms of hygiene.

Insights: What the new XactClean HP 2 offers

Design with multiple benefits: The optimized rotating cleaning nozzle XactClean HP 2, 5S6/5S7 seriesDesign with multiple benefits: The optimized rotating cleaning nozzle XactClean HP 2, 5S6/5S7 series

Key features of the new XactClean HP 2

  • Powerful flat jet nozzle inserts
  • Hygienic design without exposed threads
  • Compatible with Lechler HygienicFit
  • Suitable for sterilization processes (operation with steam)
  • Operating temperature up to max. 150 °C
  • Controlled slow rotation
  • High corrosion resistance
  • High surface quality as standard
  • FDA & EC 1935/2004 compliant
  • ATEX certified version available

Key facts sheet XactClean HP 2

Functional properties

The rotating cleaning nozzles of the XactClean HP 2 series are assigned to cleaning efficiency class 4 and are specifically designed to effectively remove soiling in the food and beverage industry as well as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The key to the XactClean HP 2's outstanding performance is in its gear-driven spray head, which is powered by the cleaning liquid. Our patented and hygienic open-flow spur gear not only ensures optimal rotation speed, but also generates sufficient torque for reliable operation.

The XactClean HP 2 develops its maximum efficiency with small to medium tank sizes and low pressures. The use of high-quality materials enables the nozzle to operate at temperatures of up to 150 °C and is thus also suitable for steam operation. Therefore, not only CIP processes (Cleaning in Place) but also SIP processes (Sterilization in Place) can be carried out with this rotating cleaning nozzle.

»The XactClean HP 2 represents our continued innovation and commitment to quality. It offers improved cleaning performance, higher hygiene standards and now also allows steam operation to meet your needs.«Philipp GaußProduct Development, Lechler GmbH

XactClean HP 2 in action

Our video demonstrates the operating mode of the rotating cleaning nozzle "XactClean HP 2", series 5S6/5S7

HygienicFit – The perfect match for Lechler tank cleaning nozzles

Lechler HygienicFit adapter

Our "Perfect Match" for tank cleaning nozzles: the HygienicFit adapter. It was specially developed for the hygienic connection of Lechler tank cleaning nozzles. The adapter is welded directly to the supply line so that the rotating cleaning nozzles and the adapter form a clean unit.

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