Crop production

The right nozzle for every task.

Crop production includes field crops, orchards, wine and speciality crops and horticulture. These three areas require a variety of plant care tasks that require efficient nozzle technology.


Efficient crop production today requires many different requirements to be met and compared with each other. National and international regulations must be considered as well as biological and ecological aspects. And at the end of the day the economical application of all pesticides must be assured. At Lechler our highest concern is to combine these requirements in the optimal nozzle for your purposes.

Crop production applications


Field crops

Tasks with field crops are plant protection and liquid fertilizers.

Suitable nozzles:


Orchards, wine and speciality crops

With wine and orchard cultivation, the main aspect is dealing with plant protection.

Suitable nozzles:



Plant protection, liquid fertilizers and watering are the main tasks when it comes to horticulture.

Suitable nozzles:

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Nozzle recommendations

Nozzle recommendations

The right nozzle for your culture. Our recommendations for products such as corn, rape seed, potatoes, cereals, strawberries, sugar beets, soy beans or cotton.Nozzle recommendations