Loss-reducing technology for crop protection equipment

99% / 95% / 90% / 75% / 50% drift reduction with Lechler agricultural nozzles

Spraying should be as efficient and safe as possible. Losses have to be reduced to get as much as possible of the sprayed chemical on target.

Verlustmindernde Technik

Reduction of drift
Drift is one of the main ways in which plant protection products can move from one treated area to another. During application, fine droplets are caught by the wind and carried away. This entry of active ingredients into, for example, surface waters and fringe structures must be avoided. Drift can be effectively reduced by using low-drift nozzle technology. For each crop protection agent, the application instructions must be observed with regard to the required drift reduction class and the distances to water bodies or fringe structures. The appropriate low drift nozzle in the correct combination of drift reduction class, pressure, water application rate and forward speed can be selected from the 'Low drift equipment' lists.

Different applications require different nozzles to achieve the effectiveness at the site of action. Therefore the optimized nozzle for each specific application has to be chosen. For this, use our nozzle recommendations.

In some countries specific rules for application have to be respected. Lechler has its nozzles approved and registered by the authorities in the different countries. So the best nozzle for your safe, economical as well as ecological spraying is available in Lechler's range of agricultural spray nozzles.

Current entries for drift-and-loss-reducing recognized Lechler nozzles are available for you (Germany):

Drift reduced approved Lechler nozzles for field crops (PDF, German language)Drift reduced approved Lechler nozzles for border applications with Lechler off-center nozzles (PDF, German language)Drift reduced approved Lechler nozzles for vineyard and special crops (PDF, German language)Drift reduced approved Lechler nozzles for orchard and nursery (PDF, German language)Drift reduced approved Lechler nozzles for row crops and asparagus (PDF, German language)Approved Lechler plant protection nozzles (PDF, German language)Nozzle recommendation NT145 & NT146 (PDF, German language)

Country-specific information on drift-and-loss-reducing technology:

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