Customer-specific systems for processes

Sophisticated solutions for advanced applications

If you are breaking new ground there is no standard solution available. But that’s no problem. With our decadelong experience we are able to develop customized nozzles, spray systems and droplet separators on short hand. Let’s talk and find your perfect solution.

Nozzle Lances and Injectors

for optimal spray placement and alignment

Nozzle lances and injectors
Pump and Control Skids

for a perfectly tailored solution

VarioCool gas cooling system
Droplet Separators

for the legally prescribed reduction of pollutants

Droplet Separator Systems

Fluid Dynamics simulation as a process optimization tool

Simulations using CFD
Measuring Technology

for higher precision and cost efficiency

Measuring technology
Lechler nozzles and engineered solutions are used in many fields in the chemical industry

Examples of applications in the chemical and process industries

Lechler nozzles and customized systems


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