Nozzle solutions and systems for military shipping

Safety at sea is a basic prerequisite for free trade routes. This includes everything from precise mapping and identification of navigation channels to protection against crime, terrorism, piracy and armed conflicts. There is a great global interest in a functioning, open world trade system, free transport routes and free trade in maritime transport.

Lechler nozzles are used on naval ships in a wide range of applications and therefore support safety and security on the high seas. On deck, they are used for camouflage, cleaning the deck surfaces or extinguishing fires by means of foam. Inside the ship, nozzle are used for protection of critical areas or support gas cooling.

Application overview for military shipping

Anwendungsübersicht militärische SchiffahrtEfficient extinguishing by means of rotating pop-up foam extinguishing nozzles. Spray diameters of up to 9 m and spray heights of up to 5 m. In accordance with CAP 437.Lechler nozzles can be used to protect critical areas inside the ship. These include machine and ammunition rooms.Due to the increasing threat of highly sensitive search sensors, the heat emissions of naval ships must be significantly reduced. Hot exhaust gases can be camouflaged with the Lechler CamouJet system. This allows counter-measures to be activated in the required time and with the necessary effect.CamouSpray was specially developed for cooling the ship walls in order to largely minimize heat radiation.For gas cooling, a fluid is introduced which ideally completely evaporates and absorbs the thermal energy of the gas. Very fine droplets are required for complete evaporation, this can be produced with hollow cone or twin fluid nozzles.CBRN measures are intended to protect the crew against the effects of nuclear (N), biological (B) or chemical (C) contamination. Flat fan or tongue-type nozzles are used for washing vertical surfaces.CBRN measures are intended to protect the crew against the effects of nuclear (N), biological (B) or chemical (C) contamination. CBRN residue can be flushed from the deck with pop-out deflection plates of the series 571. The nozzles generate a circular water impact with a diameter of up to 7 m.Individual objects standing on deck such as weapons, radar systems etc. can be optimally cleaned to remove CBRN residue using the Lechler object protection nozzles.

Application areas

[Translate to English:] Brandschutz in der Schiffbauindustrie

Fire protection in the shipbuilding industry

[Translate to English:] ABC-Maßnahmen in der Schiffbauindustrie

NBC measures in the shipbuilding industry

[Translate to English:] Gaskühlung/Gasbehandlung in der Schiffbauindustrie

Scrubber/gas cooling in the shipbuilding industry

[Translate to English:] Reinigen in der Schiffbauindustrie

Cleaning in the shipbuilding industry


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