Exemplary applications in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry

Whether pinpoint precision or broad coverage – spray solutions from Lechler perfectly support your processes at any point. Thanks to our profound process understanding Lechler is far more than just a nozzle manufacturer. In fact, we can help to optimize the efficiency of a large number of your processes. E. g. in the petrochemical industry from the well to the refinery.



– Fire suppression

– Dust control

– Truck cleaning

– Upgrader froth control

– Evaporations ponds

– Waste water control

– Heat exchanger cooling

– Droplet separators



– Corrosion inhibitor injection

– Bearing grease sprays

– Fire suppression

– Additive injection

– Storage tank cooling

– Hydrogen scavenger control

– Biocide injection

– Glycol injection

– Tank cleaning

– Methanol injection

– Rail car washing

– Droplet separators



– FCC injectors

– Distillation sprays

– Defoaming

– Hydrotreater water wash

– Packed tower cleaning

– Coker off gas coolling

– Desuperheating

– Water wash sprays

– Condenser spray cooling

– Amine scrubber

– Air pollution control

– Droplet separators

Lechler nozzles and engineered solutions are used in many fields in the chemical industry

Examples of applications in the chemical and process industries

Lechler nozzles and customized systems


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