Filling and packing

Lechler nozzles for filling and packing

Filling and packingDesinfection is a central step in the production of food and beverage.Filling machines are cleaned regularly via a permanently installed nozzle system.This term refers to spraying a soapy solution, known as the belt lubricant, onto the conveyor belt in order to reduce the friction coefficient. One of the final production stages is the targeted heating of the product in a pasteuriser.There are numerous applications in which Lechler air nozzles, such as Whisperblast series, are preferred due to the low level of noise produced compared to the standard air nozzles.


  • Specialized nozzles such as the 136 Series pneumatic atomizing nozzles for disinfecting the interiors of PET bottles
  • Fog-like atomization of disinfectants
Filler cleaning

Filler cleaning

  • Reliable, maintenance-free cleaning in compliance with special material and design guidelines (FDA, 3-A, etc.)
  • Resistance to a wide range of chemical cleaning agents
Belt lubrication

Belt lubrication

  • Smooth bottle and crate transport
  • Spraying small amounts of lubricant onto conveyor belts

  • Nozzles that can process viscous media


  • Targeted heating of products in a pasteurizer for preserving purposes
  • Uniform distribution of liquids
  • Efficient use of resources
Air nozzles

Air nozzles

  • Targeted blowing out and blowing off, drying, cleaning, cooking, or heating
  • High blowing force
  • Low noise emission

Other nozzle applications in the filling and packing field

  • Rinsing of bottles
  • Anti-Scuffing
  • Cooling and moistening bread
  • Release agent application
  • Drying labels and bottles
  • Sorting cans and bottles
  • Sorting with air
  • PET bottle cooling

Fitting products

Lechler Pneumatikdüsen Baureihe 136.1

Nozzles for sterilisation

Series 136.1

Fine full cone atomization and fogging with air or gas. Liquid pressure principle. Internal mixing of fluids

Applications: Humidification of air, cooling.

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Lechler Rotationsreiniger Baureihe 500.191

Nozzles for filler cleaning

Series 500.191 "PVDF MicroWhirly"

The "PVDF MicroWhirly" is made entirely from PVDF and designed to work in a corrosive environment. It is also suitable for contact with food and the application of foam, and can be used for cleaning equipment - all for a very good price-performance ratio.

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Lechler Rotationsreiniger Baureihe 594/595 "HygienicWhirly"

Nozzles for filler cleaning

Series 594/595 "HygienicWhirly"

The HygienicWhirly with its highly effective flat jets is particularly suited for high hygiene requirements and for the application of foam. It can be used to clean tanks and equpiment. Operation at low pressure with good cleaning effect is also possible.

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Lechler Flachstrahldüsen Baureihe

Nozzles for belt lubrication


Espacially low flow rates. Parabolic liquid distribution.

Applications: Belt lubrication, moistening, spraying of food products, moisturization of rollers, oiling, lubrication of metal sheets.

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Lechler Vollkegeldüsen Baureihe 422/423 Kunststoff


Series 422/423 Plastic version

Tangentially arranged liquid supply. Without swirl inserts. Non-clogging. Stable spray angle. Uniform spray.

Applications: Cleaning and washing processes, surface spraying, bottle cleaning, keg cleaning, sausage showers, foam control, degassing, pasteurization.

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Lechler Druckluftdüsen Baureihe 600.130.S2/56

Air nozzles

Series 600.130.S2/56

The multi-channel flat jet nozzles of the 600.130 series generate a continuous powerful air stream. The noise level and air consumption remain low even at higher air pressures. Since the nozzles are made completely of POM or natural PP, they are also suitable for applications in the food industry or electroplating sector.

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