Chemical industry and Process Technology

Designing processes means understanding processes.

Whoever wants to be competitive, has to constantly develop their production processes. With automated processes the slightest details offer enormous optimization potential. The processes in the chemical industry are extremely complex and interdependent. That is why for the chemical industry we offer nozzles, lances and systems as well as droplet separators. In addition, we offer a detailed consultation for the process optimization using a realistic simulation of the atomizing processes - talk to us.

Chemical Industry

Lechler nozzles and engineered solutions

Öl, Gas und petrochemische Industrie

For oil, gas and petrochemical industry

Whether pinpoint precision or broad coverage – spray solutions from Lechler perfectly support your processes at any point.

Exemplary applications in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry
Weitere chemische Industrien

For other chemical industries

Whether intense heat, high pressure or corrosive agents: All nozzle aspects must be precisely defined for maximum precision. For nozzle spray patterns that perfectly match your process requirements.

Exemplary applications in other chemical industries

State-of-the-art nozzle and spray technology for every process requirement

The variety of different products synthesized and processed by the chemical industry is enormous. The same is true for the involved processes. Most of them are widely used and well understood. Others were specially developed and require extreme ambient conditions, occasionally customized to single reaction vessels. Lechler supplies you in both areas with state-of-the-art nozzles and spray technologies.

Kundenspezifische Systeme für Prozessanwendungen

Engineered Solutions for Process Applications

For large industry framework conditions special engineered solutions are necessary. That’s why we also present to you additional Lechler customized products and solutions that we make only to order to meet the special needs of the chemical and petrochemical industry, e.g. pump and control skid units, lances, special nozzles, gas cooling and conditioning systems, droplet separators and more. We would also be pleased to support you in the development of the optimum atomization solution for your application.Customer-specific systems for processes

Precision Spray Nozzles

For most applications, our precision spray nozzles will provide excellent results. These parts have not only been meticulously designed but also have stood the test of time. Thanks to large-volume production, they are readily available at a reasonable price for the various applications in chemical-related applications.Precision spray nozzles for the chemical industry and process industry
Lechler nozzles and engineered solutions are used in many fields in the chemical industry

Examples of applications in the chemical and process industries

Lechler nozzles and customized systems

Lechler droplet separators and engineered solutions for the chemical industry

Lechler droplet separators for minimizing undesirable emissions in the chemical industry.

Droplet separation in the chemical industry


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