Statement on quality policy

Highest quality standards are our credo

As a leading manufacturer of atomization technology, the name Lechler has stood for the highest quality standards since 1879. We meet the product and service requirements of our customers as a reliable partner with nozzle systems manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies, one of the most modern spray laboratories worldwide and innovative IT systems.

Lechler quality promise

Quality strategy
An important goal of our quality strategy is to continuously design and improve our processes so that we can meet the needs of our customers in an appropriate time, at appropriate costs and with minimum impact on the environment and resources. We achieve this goal by continuously further developing our quality concept together with our employees, suppliers and business partners. Self-responsibility and continuous improvement are important principles of our corporate and management policies. We are committed to early detection of possible non-conformances and use modern methods such as FMEA for this purpose as part of product development. We work with key performance indicators in all areas to validate what has been achieved. These allow us to measure and improve our performance and serve as motivation for all parties involved.

Quality management system
Certification of our quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 demonstrates that we have created systematic quality awareness in the company. Regular training courses as well as shopfloor meetings on the topic of quality ensure that our employees continuously receive up-to-date information and that our quality organization is regularly adapted to changed requirements. Development, production and sale of ATEX-certified products and the associated separate auditing process represent another important component in our quality management system.

Compliance with technical requirements, laws & standards
In order to comply with the technical requirements of our customers for Lechler products, we have developed numerous company standards and test specifications and continuously further developed our testing technology over the course of more than 140 years. In addition, our products and processes comply with the wide-ranging standards, technical rules and regulations of the numerous industries in which we are active. Lechler is committed to complying with laws, mandatory regulations as well as environmental and social standards.