Apply liquid fertilizer edge sharp with nozzles from Lechler

Exact, even and accurate to the edge. This is how fertilizer distribution should be – even with large working widths and unfavourable wind conditions.

Apply liquid fertilizer edge sharp with nozzles from Lechler

Liquid fertilization is the perfect form of application here because it can be applied sharp to the edge without loss of yield through under-fertilization in the border area. In the early development stage of the crop, nozzles are used for liquid fertilization (e.g. FD, FL, FS nozzles). When the plants are already larger, hose drop systems or DroplegUL are used to ensure gentle liquid fertilizer application. These systems are perfect for late top dressing in cereals or corn for example. The so-called "burning", in which the crop is damaged by liquid fertilizer, can thus be avoided. Hose drop systems should be driven at least 30 cm in the crop but should never be dragged directly on the ground in order to ensure good lateral distribution and at the same time protecting the plant.

The DroplegUL can be used in two versions for fertilization: fertilization with FL nozzles (orifice nozzle) or with the new Lechler Y-Kit. The Y-Kit places the fertilizer in row crops directly to the row.  This allows late fertilization in corn – which is otherwise often difficult – in a gentle way and "into the mouth" of the plant.

For lower liquid fertilizer application rates, the FD 02 nozzle will complete the Lechler range of liquid fertilizer nozzles in May 2019. The FD 02 nozzle is a flat fan nozzle with horizontal spray pattern for an even lateral distribution. It convinces with its gentle liquid fertilizer application with an extremely low jet force and with minimum burning thanks to extremely coarse droplets. Thanks to the good  lateral distribution of the FD nozzle there is no formation of streaks.

The new Lechler FS nozzles are orifice nozzles with optimized lateral distribution compared to competitor orifice nozzles and completes the range of Lechler fertilizer nozzles. Its 7° jet deflection backwards reduces the jet force, protects the plants and enables use in all boom types. The nozzles are ISO color coded and their asymmetrical jet arrangement is patent pending.