Drift reduction with PWM systems – now with JKI approval for Lechler nozzles

In combination with JKI-approved PWM (Pulse-Width-Modulation) systems, all JKI-approved Lechler nozzles for arable crops now have official recognition as a drift-reducing technology.

In general, when the nozzles are operated with pulse width modulation systems, they always enter in the next lower drift reduction class.

The next lower class for Lechler nozzles are 90%, 75%, 50% or 0% while the use regulations/pressure remain the same.

If the PWM system is not used (switched off or duty cycle set to 100%), the registration for nozzles without a PWM system apply.

Using the example of IDKT 120-06 POM and IDTA 120-05C, the drift classifications are as follows:

  Use regulationOperationDrift reduction class
IDKT 120-06 POMIDKT 120-06 POM1 barNormal operation
„no pulsing“
PWM-Pulse mode75%
IDTA 120-05CIDTA 120-05C1 – 1.5 barNormal operation
„no pulsing“
PWM-Pulse mode90%

Lechler PRE, IDTA and IDK 90 nozzles operated with PWM under same use regulations switch from 95% to 90% drift reduction class.