Efficient fertilization with Lechler liquid fertilizer nozzles

Exact, even and accurate to the border of the field. Like that, a fertilizer application should be even with large working widths and under unfavourable wind conditions. Thus, essential requirements are met in order to improve N efficiency and max out yield potential of the crop.

Efficient fertilization with Lechler liquid fertilizer nozzles


In many arable crops, the use of liquid fertilizer is the perfect form of application. Very even lateral distribution to the border of the field avoids yield losses by under dosing. The usual known “hunger stripes” along the field borders are quite easy to avoid. During the early growth stage of the crop, special "fertilizer" nozzles are best for liquid fertilization (e.g., FD, FL, FS nozzles). A gentle application of liquid fertilizer is realised by using hose drop systems or DroplegUL in late growth stage of the crop applying liquid fertilizer in the lower part of the crop canopy. Thus, effectively prevents scorch on leaves. Hose drop systems should dip at least 30 cm into the crop canopy and not drag directly on the ground. The five stream orifices ensure in that way a good lateral distribution and plant gentle application. Attention should be paid in dense cereal canopies with regard to an adapted forward speed in order prevent floating.

DroplegUL enables a crop and nutrient oriented liquid fertilizer application in two different manners once with FL nozzles (5-hole nozzle) or with the new Lechler Y-Kit. In cereals, the combination with FL nozzles enables an effective liquid fertilizer application in a crop gentle manner without floating over the crop canopy even at higher forward speeds. The Y-Kit places the fertilizer in row crops right next to the row. This way, it is possible to carry out easily a late fertilization in e.g. maize/corn, which is otherwise often difficult to do in order to avoid any damage of the crop. Thus is effective as nutrients are placed just when the crops need them.

New products

For lower liquid fertilizer application rates of less than 100 l UAN / ha, the FD 02 nozzle complements the Lechler range of liquid fertilizer nozzles. The FD 02 nozzle is a flat jet nozzle with a horizontal spray pattern for uniform lateral distribution. It impresses with very low impact on the leaves and extreme coarse droplets reducing the risk of scorch to a minimum. Due to the optimal lateral distribution of the FD nozzle no streaking occurs.

With the new FS nozzle series, Lechler completes the range of fertilizer nozzles. The FS nozzle series is available in sizes -015 to 15. It is a multi-hole nozzle with five full jets and optimized lateral distribution. Its 7° inclination against the direction of travel reduces the impact on leaves and allows use in all boom types. The nozzles are ISO colour coded and their asymmetric beam arrangement is patent pending.

ISO dosing orifices are now available for the hose drop systems 5S and 5SL and the Y-kit. As with plant protection nozzles, the respective orifice sizes are ISO colour coded. Compared to the stainless steel dosing orifices, an unambiguous assignment via the colour is possible. Further advantages are the easy assembly in the Lechler bayonet nipple system MULTIJET as well as the prevention of a wrong reversed installation as it can happen with stainless steel dosing orifices. The bigger size part of the ISO dosing orifices makes them easier to grasp by hand and to assemble.

Safety clamps are recommended as a lose safety device for hose drop systems. They are easy to insert without any tool into the bayonet caps. A complete untwisting of the bayonet cap is prevented. The safety clamp fits to all bayonet caps system MULTIJET.