Lechler Corporate Compliance – Our Code of Conduct

Honesty and openness are the supporting elements of the Lechler corporate culture. As a socially committed company with regional roots, we have lived and promoted these values since our foundation over 140 years ago. These elements are also reflected in our Compliance Management System and our newly developed Code of Conduct.

Lechler Corporate Compliance

Because the really unique thing about Lechler is the awareness of social responsibility. Not only our social commitment within the framework of the Lechler Foundation is a core element of this awareness, but above all our daily actions in personal and business matters.

A fair, trustworthy, ethically and legally impeccable interaction with customers, suppliers, competitors, business partners, employees and relatives is therefore indispensable for us, as is correspondingly transparent communication.

That is why not only short-term success counts for us, but also the long-term stability of our business environment, for which we develop our first-class spray solutions.

The Lechler Code of Conduct is freely available and can be downloaded here.