Lechler Development and Technology Center opened

In more than a century we have successfully fi led a large number of patents. Starting with the "Centrifugal Sprayer" from 1893 and going up to state-of-the-art technologies of the 21st Century. We will continue this proud tradition into the future, and our new technical center will be key to doing so. After seven years of construction, the Lechler Development and Technology Center was opened in the summer of 2016.

Lechler Development and Technology Center

Since then it has offered everything nozzle developers dream of on a surface of over 600 m². In addition to extensive measuring facilities, state-of-the-art test benches with a wide range of pump performances are available to measure and investigate sprays, from microfine mist to fuller sprays with varying jetting characteristics.

There are many good reasons for the success of our products. One very important factor is that we know what we are doing before we do it. At Lechler, exact measurements have long been the basis for clearly defined spray characteristics. The data obtained in our laboratories form the foundation for any development and make it easier for our customers to choose nozzles for specific applications. This saves time, lowers costs and provides planning security.

Advanced technology

We have further expanded our research capacities by opening our own Development and Technology Center. A highlight here is a laser-assisted phase Doppler anemometer. As one of the most modern optical measuring procedures, it measures the velocity and the diameter of spherical droplets simultaneously and without contact. Using the data obtained, spectra can be reliably derived for particle size distributions and velocities. Measurements range from tiny water droplets in the micrometer region to very large droplets of around 8 millimeters. These are performed with a high temporal and spatial resolution. Individual positions in the spray can be automatically approached and measured with extremely high accuracy – in x, y and z directions.