Lechler liquid fertilizer nozzles for an efficient fertilizer application

Precise, even and accurate until the border of the field. This is how fertilizer distribution should be - even with large working widths and under unfavourable wind conditions. In accordance with the EU Nitrate Directive, essential prerequisites as improving N-efficiency and optimization of yield potential of crops are fulfilled.

Efficient fertilization with Lechler liquid fertilizer nozzles Picture: Extreme coarse-droplet application of UAN with FD nozzles – gentle to plants and minimal risk of crop scroch.


In many arable crops, liquid fertilization is the perfect form of application. The even and accurate distribution prevents under dosing especially along the field border. Those, „hunger stripes“, frequently observed by using fertilizer spreaders result in yield losses.  Liquid fertilizer nozzles e.g. FD, FS, FL nozzles are exclusively recommended in the early plant growth stages of the crop. For late plant growth stages a plant-compatible liquid fertilizer application when parts of the plant are more sensitive, are most suitable with hose drops or DroplegUL. Crop scorch, in which parts of the plants may be damaged by liquid fertilizer, can be avoided in this way. Hose drops should immerse at least 30 cm into the crop canopy and not drag directly on the ground. This ensures a good lateral distribution and at the same time a plant friendly application. In dense grain canopies, care should be taken to ensure an appropriate driving speed to prevent floating.

The application of liquid fertilizer is recommended with DroplegUL in two ways: with FL nozzles (5-hole nozzle) or with the Lechler Y-Kit. In cereals, FL nozzles enable a powerful application even at higher driving speeds and dense canopies without the risk of floating over the crop. The Y-Kit places the liquid fertiliser in row crops directly at the bottom of the plant. In this way, the late fertilizer application in corn – which is otherwise often difficult – can be carried out in a plant-gentle manner. The fertilization takes place when the plant has the highest demand.

Nozzles for liquid fertilization

Lecher FD Düse The FD liquid fertilizer nozzles in sizes 02 to 20 cover the professional segment of liquid fertilizer nozzles. The concept of the horizontal flat fan is a unique selling point and ensures an even lateral distribution. Strip formation is prevented and all plants are uniformly supplied with nutrients. The atomisation forms extremely coarse droplets with low impact. Therefore, the application is gentle to the plant and the risk of crop scorch is minimised by the extremely low fine droplet content.

Lecher FS DüseThe FS nozzle series rounds off the Lechler range of fertilizer nozzles. The FS nozzle series is available in the sizes 015 to 15 and is a multi-hole nozzle with 5-full jets and optimised lateral distribution. Its 7° jet deflection against the direction of travel reduces the impact of droplets, protects the plants and allows the use in all boom types. The nozzles are ISO colour coded and their asymmetrical jet arrangement is patent pending.

EIMA Mention Award 20-21  Hose drop systems for late stage fertilization

Lecher Schleppschlauch 5S / 5SLThe concept of the hose drops 5S and 5SL received the "Mention award" by the "EIMA International 2020". The ISO dosing orifices are an essential feature. As with crop protection nozzles, the respective dosing orifice sizes are ISO colour-coded. In comparison to the stainless steel dosing orifice plates, a simple, clear classifications via the colour is possible. Further advantages are the easy installation in the Lechler bayonet nipple system MULTIJET. A side-inverted installation like with stainless steel dosing orifice plates and thus deviations in the application rate are impossible. Due to the size of the ISO dosing orifices, an easy and secure grip by hand or with gloves is an essential advantage. Handling with gloves improves user protection.

The 5-hole mouthpiece distributes the liquid fertiliser evenly in the crop at 0.5 m hose spacing. Compared to 0.25 m hose spacing with a classic hose drop system, a lower boom load when pulling through the crop is advantageous for large working widths.

The flexible hose drop fits to all sprayer booms. Depending on the folding mechanism, the hose drop adapts to the shape of the sprayer. A stick out in transport position is prevented. In order to prevent defects in paintwork on the implements frame, there are hose attachments above the extensions of the stain less steel mouthpieces.

Safety clamps are recommended as loss protection for hose drops. These can be easily inserted into the bayonet caps without tools. A complete unscrewing of the bayonet cap is thus prevented. The safety clamps fit to all bayonet caps of the MULTIJET system.