Lechler supports Metzingen clothing and charity store

In 2021, Lechler GmbH has dispensed with Christmas presents for business partners and instead made a donation of 4,000 euros to the Metzingen (Germany) clothing and charity store.

Lechler supports Metzingen clothing and charity store F.l.t.r.: Werner Kehrer, Bernd Krieg (both Tafelladen Metzingen), Susanne Bauer (Diaconal district office), Birgitt Fischer (Clothing store Metzingen), Andreas Deuble (Head of Marketing Lechler GmbH).

The clothing store and the food bank have been located under the roof of the former Milchhäusle Metzingen since 2006. Both are Diaconia facilities for people who have little income.

The clothing store is a second-hand offer for well-preserved, used clothing. It is open three days a week. 24 volunteers are alternately on duty to receive the clothing donations and to present everything that is in very good condition for sale. Between 30 and 50 customers usually come each opening day.

The food bank offers food donated by several supermarkets in the region. 24 drivers of the food bank pick up the food from the supermarkets. The goods are then prepared for sale and sold to customers for a very small amount. A total of 58 volunteers are currently active in the food bank. Between 70 and 100 customers shop there each week. In this way, around 630 family members are supplied with food. Thus, food of impeccable quality is not destroyed, but helps people who have to count on every cent.

"In addition to its economic activities, Lechler also focuses on its social responsibility as a company. We are therefore delighted to be able to support the clothing and charity," says Andreas Deuble, Head of Marketing at Lechler GmbH.

The donation will primarily be used to bring the Milchhäusle's technical equipment, some of which is getting on in years, back up to current standards so that many people in need can continue to be supported in the future.