Now with up to 95% drift reduction: IDTA and IDK 90

Lechler once again confirms its competence in drift-reducing nozzle technology: Various nozzle sizes (025, 03 and 04) of the IDTA twin flat spray nozzle have now been entered in the JKI directory (Julis Kühn Institute, Germany) "Loss-reducing devices – drift reduction" with 90% drift reduction, the nozzle size 05 even with 95% drift reduction. The air-injector flat spray compact nozzle IDK 90 (nozzle sizes 015 and 02) with 95% drift reduction has also been included in the same directory.

For several years IDTA nozzles have been known for its optimal coverage of deposits and drift reduction in practice. Through extensive verified field measurements, Lechler has now been able to achieve the official JKI registration, so that the nozzle can be used flexibly in areas or applications with spacing requirements that require a 90% drift reduction.

  • IDTA 120-025 C, 90% at 1.5 – 2 bar
  • IDTA 120-03 C, 90% at 1.5 – 2 bar
  • IDTA 120-04 C, 90% at 1 – 1.5 bar

The IDTA 120-05 C nozzle size has even achieved a classification in the 95% class at a pressure of 1 – 1.5 bar – a 90% drift reduction is included.

Lechler IDTA with 90% resp. 95% drift reduction

The use of an IS 80-xx border nozzle in the same color as the IDTA is JKI-approved and for certain combinations already classified as drift-reducing. Details can be found in the JKI directory "Drift reduced approved Lechler nozzles for field crops (German)".

Für den reduzierten Düsenabstand mit 25 cm und den Einsatz bei niedriger Gestängehöhe wurde die kompakte IDK 90 ebenfalls in das JKI-Verzeichnis „Verlustmindernde Geräte – Abdriftminderung“ aufgenommen. Mit dem Einsatz der IDK 90 ist eine maximale Abdriftminderung und tiefe Bestandsdurchdringung auch bei sehr windigen Bedingungen erreichbar. Dies hat das JKI jetzt offiziell bestätigt und folgende Eintragungen erteilt:

For reduced nozzle spacing of 25 cm and in combination with low boom height, the compact IDK 90 is also listed as "Loss-reducing devices – Drift reduction" at JKI-Germany. With the use of the IDK 90 on field sprayers 25 cm spacing, we achieve maximum drift reduction and deep penetration even at very windy conditions. The JKI has now officially confirmed this and issued the following entries:

  • IDK 90-015 C bei 25 cm nozzle spacing: 95% drift reduction at 1.5 – 1.6 bar, 90% at 1.5 – 2.0 bar
  • IDK 90-02 C bei 25 cm nozzle spacing: 95% drift reduction at 1.5 – 1.6 bar, 90% at 1.5 –3.0 bar

Lechler IDK 90 with 95% drift reduction

Lechler thus offers an even wider range of drift-reducing nozzle technology. The proven Lechler quality and competence for an environmentally friendly and appropriate crop protection is underlined again.

Details of the entries as well as all JKI lists can be found here.