Lechler PopUp Whirly: The space saving cleaner

You have a lack of space in your tank system or a conventional cleaning system would disrupt your processes? Then there is no way past the PopUp Whirly from Lechler.

Lechler PopUp Whirly 5P2/5P3 Lechler PopUp Whirly 5P2 and 5P3: Available with threaded connection or Tri-Clamp connection.

The free-spinning rotating cleaning nozzles can be installed flush in the wall in the tank or in a pipe. When a certain fluid pressure is applied to the rotating cleaning nozzle, it automatically extends out of the enclosure and starts with its efficient and homogeneous cleaning.

With its specially developed nozzle design and throughout hygienic design, the PopUp Whirly (series 5P2/5P3) is particularly suitable for cleaning in confined spaces as well as for tanks or pipes where conventional cleaning systems interfere with the process.

The pressurerelated, automatically extendable rotating cleaning nozzle is predestined for applications in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries or in the food and beverage industry. Regardless of whether liquid, gaseous, powdery or granular substances are sent through these systems – the PopUp Whirly is the right cleaner for the job.
View animation of PopUp Whirly

Thanks to its ATEX certification, the PopUp Whirly is also approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The complete series is available as a version with threaded connection or with Tri-Clamp connection.

The Lechler portfolio also includes the matching weld-in flanges and sockets for the PopUp Whirly.