New brochure: Lechler Measuring Technology

Success can be measured – at least at Lechler. In its Development and Technology Center at the Metzingen site, Lechler gives liquids a benchmark.

New brochure: Lechler Measuring Technology

Thanks to our in-depth industry knowledge and our close relationship with our customers, we know customer requirements in detail and provide sustainable solutions. The unique Lechler Development and Technology Center at the Metzingen site is proof of this. Equipped with state-of-the-art test benches, advanced nozzle measuring technology and a high-performance infrastructure, the “Lechler Spray Lab” offers the perfect conditions for practically-oriented tests and analyses.

The Lechler Spray Lab is unique. It offers:

  • a very wide spectrum of different, precise measuring and test possibilities
  • a very large pressure and volume flow rate range
  • determination of relevant parameters for practical nozzle operation
  • space for large test setups

It might be interesting for many reasons to find out about a spray droplet by droplet. For example, as a basis for:

  • exact design of installations and sub-processes
  • CFD calculations
  • objective comparison of different nozzles for a specific process
  • exact economic efficiency calculations

The required data can be determined precisely according to customers specifications in the Lechler Spray Lab. This provides a solid foundation for optimizing our customers products and processes. A further advantage: the customer can choose what he needs in the Lechler Spray Lab – in other words, the customer can use exactly the services that are most suited to his requirements.

Below, please find the new brochure for download as well as online information about Lechler Measuring Technology.