The new full cone nozzle series 4H7

A real innovation for both gas cooling and gas scrubbing is the 4H7 nozzle newly developed by Lechler.

New full cone nozzle series 4H7 Lechler 4H7 series

The nozzle convinces with a housingless design and consists only of a swirl insert and mouthpiece. It is screwed directly into the connection pipe and has only one fifth of the weight of a classic full cone nozzle. With its special swirl insert design and large free cross-sections, it has a high resitance to clogging.

Its compact dimensions make it insensitive to vibrations and thus more stable and process-safe. The swirl insert and mouthpiece are firmly connected without weld seams, which results in exceptionally high corrosion resistance. In the quench as well as in the absorber area, the efficient nozzle convinces with a very good price-performance ratio.

A typical installation situation looks like this: